Sea bass fishing in Brittany

Season: April to november

Location: In Brittany, all the Finistère (29), as well as the West of the Côtes d'Armor (22)

2 types of sea bass fishing are proposed to you:

- Fishing the sea from the shore

- Fishing estuaries

For the little story : I have been fishing sea bass from the shore in Brittany for more than 20 years. I have been guiding for more than 10 years in Ireland, and now, I return to guide "at the source", at home in Brittany.

The stocks are finally starting to be better than in previous years. That's why I think it's very interesting to be able to guide there in the simplest way possible: from the shore with a spinning rod or fly fishing rod depending on your preference.

Sea fishing from the shore is the essence of sea bass fishing. It has always existed in Brittany, and was very popularized in the 70s and 80s, especially by the mythical Breton fisherman: Ange Porteux. And it is exactly the fishing that I practice. Just like him, I like to walk on the rocks, to move according to the tide, to follow the bass according to the currents.

We fish by spinning and fly fishing. Spinning, the most popular fishing at the moment, is with soft lures. But fishing with a hard lure, under water or on the surface, is not to be forgotten and can also be profitable. For fly fishing, we mainly use floating lines, but sometimes, depending on the spot, we also use intermediate lines.

Estuary fishing is very fashionable at the moment! You can forget a small part of the knowledge that you have acquired while fishing at sea, but fortunately not everything!

2 types of fishing according to the conditions (sunshine), the desire and the level of the fishermen will be practiced:

  • Sight fishing for sea bass in the estuary. This is the queen of fishing. Spinning or fly fishing, seeing sea bass in 3 feet of water or less, and knowing what to use to catch them, without scaring them, will certainly impress the accompanied fishermen;
  • Estuary fishing, fishing the water. More affordable technically than sight fishing, this one is sometimes very prolific but requires a specific knowledge of the estuary environment.

Fishing for sea bass from the shore is for me the most exciting and the simplest. In general, a single rod, and a few flies or lures, allow taking a maximum of pleasure, without "embarrassing" a boat for example.

It can be almost as prolific, and especially, it can bring very big bass, especially in estuary. When you see a 25 or even 35 inch bass opening his mouth on the lure, in shallow water, I guarantee you a strong adrenaline rush! Let's come and try it !

Rates (per day)

1 day

1 fisherman: 230 €

2 fishermen: 200 € / person

3 fishermen: 170 € / person

2 days

1 fisherman: 200 €

2 fishermen: 175 € / person

3 fishermen: 150 € / person

3 days

1 fisherman: 180 €

2 fishermen: 150 € / person

3 fishermen: 130 € / person

rental of fishing equipment : 10€ / day / fisherman