Trout fishing in Brittany and Lower Normandy

Season : from march to september

Location: Brittany and lower Normandy

Most suitable season for lure: March to May

Most suitable season for fly fishing: May to July

Wild trout fishing in Brittany and Lower-Normandy is very popular and is the most practiced fishing in fresh water.

Whether it is in central Brittany, or on the popular "salmon" rivers, such as the Léguer or the Élorn for example, or in small streams, it is globally still quite present.

It is fished in a wild environment, sometimes crowded, sometimes more "open" as on the "big" salmon rivers.

Spinning or fly fishing for trout is exciting and sometimes prolific when conditions are good.

When spinning, we fish with "lures", generally with a spoon, a hard lure or a soft lure.

For fly fishing, we fish with dry flies as soon as the conditions are right. It is by far the most interesting technique!

But I can also make you discover the drifting fly fishing, very used in my other country of heart, Ireland. This technique also works very well in Brittany! Finally, I can accompany you if you wish, in nymph, even if I find the technique less exciting.

We don't have big trout in Brittany. But we have some "number". They are wild, and very pretty!

Finally, there is another interest in fishing them : they are not always easy to catch, you have to "adapt", and choose the right lure or the right fly of the moment.


(in Lower Normandy and Ille et Vilaine : add 40 € to the cost of gasoline)

1 day

1 fisherman: 150 €

2 fishermen: 120 € / person

3 fishermen: 90 € / person

2 days

1 fisherman: 280 €

2 fishermen: 190 € / person

3 fishermen: 150€ / person

3 days

1 fisherman: 390 €

2 fishermen: 250 € / person

3 fishermen: 200 € / person

rental of fishing equipment : 10€ / day / fisherman