Salmon fishing in Brittany and in Lower Normandy

Season: mid-March to June

Passionate about salmon fishing since I was very young (I caught my first salmon when I was 8 years old), I guide on all the salmon rivers of Brittany and Lower Normandy, from the opening of fishing season in early March to the beginning of the summer. The spring salmon, the king of our rivers with an average size of 8/10 pounds.

Fishing is done with fly or with spinning according to the preference of the fisherman, but also according to the water conditions and temperature.

The main guided river in Brittany is the Léguer. The Éllé, the Élorn, the Scorff are also rivers where I offer my services, as well as the Sélune and the Sée in Normandy. But others can also be frequented, sometimes with good returns like the Aven or my other favorite river besides the Léguer: the Couesnon.

Let yourself be tempted by the salmon and discover the many stories of your guide Kilian Lebreton, who will tell you about his native rivers of Brittany and Normandy and his epic stories of the Atlantic salmon.


Other rivers

The Léguer: the only French river with salmon classified as a “wild river”!

This river which flows into Lannion is generally the best salmon river in Brittany from March to the end of May. You won’t come across any “manure fields” or pesticides on the water’s edge, as you will unfortunately find on other rivers!

This magnificent spring salmon river, is during these 2 months the one on which we have the most chances to meet the superb silver fish ! I invite you to come to discover it, you will be filled by its beauty and its preserved landscapes!

The Léguer, « fly only » :

Once the quota is reached on the Léguer (usually around mid-April), only “catch and release” fly fishing remains open on the whole river until June 15. It then becomes the only “fly only” river in France for salmon! A real privilege for the lovers of this technique!

Salmon guidance on the river of your choice by spinning or fly in Brittany or Lower Normandy

1 day
190 €
2 days
350 €
3 days
480 €

Fishing equipment rental (fly or spinning): 10 €/day/fisherman

Additional angler(s) per day : + 100 € !

For the rivers of Normandy (Couesnon, Sélune and Sée) a contribution to my travel expenses is required : + 40 €.

Salmon in Brittany and Lower Normandy - Rivers

Salmon in Brittany and Lower Normandy – Rivers

Fly fishing lessons

You want to learn or improve your fly fishing casts ? I can teach you how to cast with 1 hand, 2 hands (Spey casting/switch or overhead). Please note that the lessons are individual and adapted to the level of each person.


half day (4 hours) : 150 €.
full day (8 hours) : 190 €.