Celtic Fishing is located in Ireland

In the county of Kerry near Waterville, a small seaside town on the south west Irish sea and famous worldwide for having hosted for several decades Charlie Chaplin during his summer salmon fishing trips.

But Waterville is also a bay that is home to one of the richest sea bass populations in Ireland, in a country where industrial fishing of this fish has been closed for over forty years and where the economic value of its sport fishing is recognized. The sumptuous Waterville Bay will make more than one fisherman dream true, long after his return from Ireland.

I have selected the Kerry region and its waters to give you the chance to measure yourself against one of these big Irish sea bass, on a lure or a fly !

If for some reason the bass were not present in good density, the big pollock, always present, will replace them advantageously.

Fishing for sea bass and pollock will take place most of the time from fishing kayak. For fishermen who do not wish to use this approach, I will accompany you from the shore. You can come with your own equipment, but I can also rent those.

With or without accommodation (Irish cottage), with or without your own kayak, come and discover fishing in this magnificent wilderness region of Ireland.

Celtic Fishing will be present in 2024 in Waterville during the best fishing months, from end of the spring and during all summer long, from May to the end of September.

Celtic Fishing also offers freshwater fishing. I guide salmon (fly and/or spinning) on 7 different rivers in County Kerry, each one wilder than the other!

The river is chosen according to your desires to fish big or small rivers, and according to the run of the moment. The search for sea trout can also be prolific. As for trout fishing, it is often very good. It is mainly fly fishing.

In the sublime and unforgettable lights of Ireland, I will try to transmit you my love of this country. I will take you to my best fishing spots for bass and pollock, or to my favorite rivers to catch your first Atlantic salmon, or your first Irish salmon!


fishing tackle to rent (fly or spinning) : 10€/day/fisherman


2 videos to make you want to join me:

Additional information on fishing:

• Celtic Fishing offers 2 main services in Waterville, Ireland:
– Bass and pollock guiding in the sea, from a kayak or from the shore ;
– Salmon guiding on 7 different rivers in County Kerry, as well as sea trout and brown trout fishing.

• Alternating between sea and fresh water over several days is possible, and is often very popular with anglers. It is often recommended by your guide in order to “stick” as well as possible with the “imperatives” weather!

• At Celtic Fishing, all days are guided by a fishing guide with 4 main formulas available: one day, 2 days, 3 days or 6 days of fishing, with or without accommodation.

• The County Kerry fishing license (freshwater) is not included (36 €/1 day or 50 € for 21 days). The fishing fees, different from the fishing license, vary according to the rivers and of course, do not hesitate to contact me for more information!

Additional information on accommodation and catering:

• You will be accommodated in a typical Irish cottage.

• rate for non-fisherman with accommodation : 80 € per day

• The accommodation option includes breakfast (French or Irish) and lunch (sandwich or salad). Dinner is also included. Waterville and the surrounding area have many good restaurants.

Guiding without accommodation

1 day (about 8 hours)

1 fisherman: 230 €

2 fishermen: 200 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 160 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 130 € / pers.

2 days

1 fisherman: 420 €

2 fishermen: 370 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 290 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 240 € / pers.

3 days

1 fisherman: 600 €

2 fishermen: 520 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 410 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 340 € / pers.

6 days

1 fisherman : 1100 €

2 fishermen: 890 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 750 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 600 € / pers.

Guiding with accommodation (include all meals)

2 days

1 fisherman: 790 €

2 fishermen: 590 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 490 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 420 € / pers.

3 days

1 fisherman: 1100 €

2 fishermen: 850 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 690 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 590 € / pers.

6 days

1 fisherman: 1990 €

2 fishermen: 1390 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 990 € / pers.

4 to 6 fishermen: 850 € / pers.

For the 6-day formula, it includes 7 nights!

I also guide on the Moy, for more information: