Fishing in Ireland and Brittany

with Kilian Lebreton, fishing guide
(since 2013)

Discover sport fishing in the paradise that is Ireland, as well as in Brittany and Lower Normandy.

Celtic Fishing is a service of a contribution of halieutic skills in lure or fly fishing, adapted to Irish, Breton and Lower Normandy waters.

From the shore or from kayak in a Celtic environment that lulls your dreams of distant horizons.

Celtic Fishing is above all sport fishing with casting or fly fishing, in a wild and preserved environment. I have chosen by myself the destinations :

In one of the most beautiful regions of Ireland : the Kerry.

The fishes sought : salmon and trout in the river, bass and pollock in the sea. The Kerry, this magnificent region in the southwest of Ireland, has the most numerous and highest mountains in Ireland ! But also one of the wildest counties, where agriculture remains on a human scale.

Sea bass in Brittany

Fishing for sea bass from the shore and/or estuary is a “simple” but very beautiful fishing. Come and discover with me the magnificent estuaries of Brittany, as well as the coastline and its magnificent coasts.

Salmon in Brittany and Lower Normandie

Quite degraded globally, there are nevertheless some preserved places where salmon fishing is possible in an environment that makes the fisherman who loves nature a dream. I am thinking of course of the most beautiful and wildest of the Brittany rivers : the Léguer …or the Sée in Normandy !

Trout in Brittany and Lower Normandy

Trout fishing with fly rod or spinning rod in Brittany is done on small streams as well as on big rivers. Whether you are passionate about trout, or just an amateur, do not hesitate to come and discover this sublime wild fish!

Not forgetting for pike fishing the largest lake in Brittany:

Lake Saint Michel with its very large and beautiful pikes.