The Moy river

For the past ten years, I have also been guiding on the Moy in the North West of Ireland. I guide both fly and spin fishermen!
This famous river is for beginners who want to catch their first salmon, as well as for more experienced anglers who want to catch several salmon in the same week, or if they are lucky, in the same day.


The Moy is indeed a very prolific river, the average estimate is 100,000 salmon coming up the river each year! If we average the last 10 seasons, it is probably the best river in the world in terms of the number of Atlantic salmon caught on the line.


Nevertheless, a good knowledge of the best courses is essential to make the most of it. Indeed, with its numerous tributaries, the whole of its catch area totals more than 1000 km of fishable waters!


Whether it is fly fishing or spinning, the Moy is an ideal playground to continue learning about the fishing of our Atlantic salmon.


When the weather or “hydraulic” conditions are not met, some techniques very specific to this river allow however to practice and this with real chances of success. But you can also go in search of other fish : trout in small rivers, or pike in boats on beautiful lakes (pike and trout with lure or fly).


Finally, when there is too much water on the Moy, several spate rivers of good quality are close by. They allow you to continue fishing for salmon, and I must admit that I particularly appreciate these rivers!


The best times for salmon fishing are from mid-May to mid-June (although you can fish as early as the end of April) for the spring salmon (the biggest), and for the summer salmon, June and July.


We can say than the fishing pressure has decreased since 5/6 seasons, which makes the river more pleasant than ever !

Additional information on the accommodation:

– It is high quality, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

– The accommodation option includes breakfast (French or Irish). Lunch (usually sandwich or salad) and dinner are also included. There are also several restaurants nearby. (Of course, you can also cook at the cottage).

Additional information about fishing:

The group can be superior to 3 people, only if the fishermen who constitute it are part of the same group and know each other before the trip. In order not to be confronted with different “visions” (fly / spinning) of the fishing activity and share more or less the same “philosophy” of fishing…

Guiding without accommodation

6 days

4 to 6 fishermen: 690 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 890 € / pers.

2 fishermen: 1250 € / pers.

1 fisherman: 2400 €

12 days

4 to 6 fishermen: 1150 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 1490 € / pers.

2 fishermen: 2150 € / pers.

1 fisherman: Estimate on request

Guiding with accommodation

6 days

4 to 6 fishermen: 990 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 1190 € / pers.

2 fishermen: 1650 € / pers.

1 fisherman: 3100 €

12 days

4 to 6 fishermen: 1790 € / pers.

3 fishermen: 2290 € / pers.

2 fishermen: 2990 € / pers.

1 fisherman: Estimate on request